If you want to have you wedding in the cold season some winter wedding ideas would really come in handy to any bride. A traditional wedding does not necessarily have to take place during the worm seasons. If you are the type of girl that would describe the perfect day somewhere in the Alps by the fire hold a hot coco on her hand that the winter wedding is the perfect wedding for you. Here we are going to give some ideas for the most important details.

  • Decorations

Because it is cold outside you cannot rely on flowers because they are not available during this season. What you can do is associate all of you decorations with Christmas but make sure that you do not over do it, you do not want your wedding reception to look like a Christmas party. What you can do is decorate the place with some pine branches and some small pine trees.

  • Invitations

When you are choosing the design for the winter wedding invitations you have to think about the period when it will take place. Some brides choose to have their wedding near Christmas or New Years Eve. If you want to do the same than you should make your invitations with a Christmas of New Years Eve theme.

  • Flowers

No matter when you are planning your wedding you should choose seasonal flowers.  At first sight you will think that because it is winter you will not have flowers to choose from that is not true you can choose from flowers like: lily, buttercups, gardenias, pine trees or daisies. To add some glamour to your wedding reception add some crystals and mix them with white flowers. By doing this you will create the perfect winter atmosphere.

  • Menu

Since it is cold outside you should concentrate your entire winter wedding menu of warm dishes. You can start with a warm soup and continue with some pumpkin dishes. During the ceremony or at the end give your guests some hot chocolate.

  • Wedding cake

The wedding cake is the center piece of the reception which means that it has to taste and look very good. You can make a chocolate cake with wild berries filling. Decorate the cake with some white snow flakes and you are good to go.

These are our winter wedding ideas which we hope will help you in organizing the wedding of your dreams. You can organizing a fairy tail wedding even during the cold season.

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