Choosing the colors of the wedding requires the coordination of the bride clothing, floral arrangements, room lighting and materials that cover the seats and table. Instead of mixing many textures and colors, choose a glam and elegant decor, all white. An all white décor will create a fresh look, immortal and always trendy, regardless the time or season.

  • Choose table clothes of bright white brocade. Plates should be all white. If you decide to dress the chairs opt for uncovered event seats or dressed with a bow on the back. Obviously, choose white brocade or attach a bouquet of flowers on the right side of the back of the chair.
  • White candles in the middle line of the table. You will add a touch of romanticism to the entire event. You can choose pill candles or high candles on transparent glass support placed on mirrors. Rectangular mirrors give a modern look and the round ones a classic look.
  • Varied white flowers. Flowers are a major trend in wedding decorations. Either you do bouquet of white callas or you choose white roses and hydrangeas for the central parts, try to make a glam look, adding also jewelry. Peonies and chrysanthemums add elegance and you can put them in transparent glass vessels, inside which you can put a white orchid.
  • Table with white desserts and meringues. Instead of the famous chocolate fountain, you can choose white chocolate or more original than that, a table with desserts and meringues, all white. Vanilla muffins, cookies with meringue or sugar foam, white chocolate truffles placed on white ceramic plates.
  • Create unique centerpieces. You should know that floral arrangements are not the only option. Fill jars of different sizes with beads and white pebbles. White shells, buttons or pearls can be sprinkled on the table, among vases with floral arrangements.
  • An all-white ceremonial altar. Magic and sublime, a completely white altar for a religious ceremony could be described like this. An all-white altar arranged outdoors suggests an idyllic picture. Raised above a pool under a vault of white lilac, nice smelling, the altar for the religious ceremony is today the emblem of elegance and romanticism. There you have a dream wedding with an all white décor!

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