Many people say that they feel strongly the influence of the full moon, either positively or negatively. This is why many couples are struggling to establish their wedding day in a day with full moon or on the contrary, they seek to avoid it.

We all have asked ourselves if it’s a myth or reality. Although we cannot say that the studies concerning the influence of the full moon on us have reached certain conclusions, however, various studies have revealed that in nights with full moon, people have a strange behavior, are more irritable and more captious. In some parts of the world, the police places more patrols in the street in days with full moon, to prevent further possible criminal acts and violence which seems to be more in these days.

The fact is that none of the studies concerning the effects of the full moon has been validated by the scientific community, and the connections that are made between human behavior and the moon phases remain only speculative.

Let’s talk about the full moon and the wedding day. Paradoxically, despite the fact that most so-called studies say that in days with full moon people are more restless, more irritable and even more violent, most voices say that wedding in a day with full moon is very beneficial. According to them, as the sea is at the highest level during days with full moon, the same our energy level is very high in those days. The wedding in a full moon day would equate to the reaching of the maximum emotional connection. They even say that women’s sexual appetite reaches its apogee in days with full moon.

In the end, if you’re not superstitious, you can choose, a full moon night for your wedding. You can take amazing pictures in such a special day.

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