If you are a future bride you should know the wedding traditions and superstitions to make sure that you will have a happy marriage. There are people who do not believe in superstitions which is fine but there are some who do which is why we have gathered here the most important ones. We also have some traditions which will come very handy to know on you wedding day.

We are going to start with the engagement and here are some of the wedding traditions and superstitions related to this event:

  • It is said that a woman should not marry a man who has the same first letter of his last name as her
  • If you are planning on asking you man to marry you, you should do it in leap year because if you do not it is said that the marriage will not last
  • After a woman has received an engagement ring she should not take it off before her wedding because it is bad luck
  • Both the engagement and the wedding ring should be worn on the proper finger, on the left hand fourth finger, because the finger contains a vein that lead to the heart

Next we are going to talk about traditions and superstitions related to the wedding day, and here is what you should know:

  • On the wedding day a bride should be careful not to see an open grave
  • It is a good sign if the bride starts to cry on her wedding day because it is said that those will be the last tears she will ever shed
  • If the groom happens to drop the ring on floor during the wedding it is a good sign. It is said that you will have a happy marriage
  • Avoid organizing your wedding on a Saturday because it is not a happy day for a wedding
  • Vows should always be said before 6 P.M
  • The first one who has to be at the church is the groom and he has to enter the church with his right foot
  • It is said that if the youngest sister gets married before her older sister, the older sister has to dance bare foot on her sister’s wedding if she ever want to find a husband

If you believe or not these are some wedding traditions and superstitions that you should know and keep in mind when you get married. Taking them into account may save you a lot of trouble later.

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