A wedding toast is a ceremonial speech, and the idea is to be as personal as possible and written special for the couple, but not forgetting the guests.

Wedding toast tradition dates from the Greeks time. They initiated the habit as a safety mode against poisoning. More exactly, in sign of good faith, the host lifts a glass of wine saying “to your health” and one drinks first from coup. Originally, the word “toast” is from France. The French usually used for this habit the wine, which poured into a glass at the bottom which is a slice of toast to soak in wine sediment. The cup was given then by hand until the person had to keep the toast and had to drink wine till the last drop without breathing.

Today, the toast is usually for thanking the present people for taking part at the event. First toast at the wedding is kept from bridesmaid. He will speak only after all the guests are seated in their seats. Bridesmaid or fiddler ask the guests attention and proposes a toast in honor of the couple.

Here are some ideas for a personal wedding speech:

Tell stories about the groom and bride. Do not say to the invitations just how special is the married couple but show them this thing recording some funny and emotional stories from their couple’s life.

Be creative! What does a unique and special couple? Tell everybody about their travels or about the field day when they engaged.

Include also other relatives or friends in the stories. Everyone loves to receive attention, whether we are parents, relatives or friends of the couple and the fact that we hear our name in the speech make us an inexpressible pleasure.

Avoid jokes that only you know. The jokes are right in a speech but be very careful what joke do you tell, not to annoy or exclude the guests.

The horse sense. It is not the time to speak about the problems of the couple and how they hurdle them or about the fact that the bride was exasperating during preparations for the wedding.

Do not talk about yourself or if you do speak less.

Try not to use cliches.

Thank you all for attending this day.

If you are emotive it is better to prepare the speech before and repeat it.

If the toast is in honor of the couple, they should sit down while all other guests will be lifted. If the toast is for the bridegroom, the bride will stand up while the bridegroom sits and vice versa. Another good thing to know is that will not drink from the cup the one in honor’s whom is the toast.

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