For a woman who has been engaged and wants to get married fast writing a wedding planning checklist in 4 months is a must because there are a million things that need to be taken care of in a very short period of time. Most future brides start planning their wedding a year before the big event because there are so many things to do like: finding a dress, booking a venue, sending the invitations, registering for gifts and ordering the cake. If you feel do not think that you are going to be able to plan a wedding in just four months do not be alarmed because you can pull it off as long as you are organized. Make sure that you write down all your ideas so that you can make a complete wedding planner checklist. This list will be your bible during the planning and organizing process so make sure that it contains all the details.

When you are planning a wedding the first things that should be checked off your wedding planning checklist are the date and the venue. Once you have set the date it is time to start searching for a venue. Since you are planning a wedding this fast you are going to have some problems in finding a venue because majority of them are booked a year in advance. It is very important not to be set on one date because you might not find a venue that day. If you find a place to have your wedding and like it book it because you might not get so lucky.

After you have set the date and found a venue for your wedding it is time to talk to the vendors. For your wedding you will need to find: a photographer, a DJ or a band, a florist and a baker. Ask your friends to give you recommendations of people they know and set up a meeting with them. It is very important to meet with the vendors so that you can see if they fit your budget and style.

Next it is time to plan the bridal shower and go shopping for your dress. Ask your friends to help you with the bridal shower and invite them as soon as you can. Go shopping for a dress as soon as you can because the alterations are going to take some time. After this you are going to have to write a guest list and send the invitations. An important part of the wedding planner checklist is getting together with your family and the family of the groom in order to narrow down the guest list. The invitations need to be sent as soon as possible so that people can have time to give you a response.

The last important thing that you need to write down on your wedding planning checklist in 4 months is getting your married license. Once you have finished with all the tasks that need to be planned in advance you can apply for a marriage license. In the end you will get everything done if you are organized.

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