For people who like the night life wedding packages in Las Vegas might be the perfect honeymoon or the perfect place to go and get married. Las Vegas is an amazing city where you go at casinos and play, eat at the restaurant, swim in the pool and go watch different shows like plays and musicals. Many packages offer you all that you want on your wedding and they are not expensive at all, last year the prices were between 500 $ and 2000 $. The hottest places to get married are the Stratosphere, Tahiti Village Resort and Valley of Fire.

  • The Stratosphere

One if the best places to get married is the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The place has a casino, a wedding chapel and a hotel all in one place. The building is 884 feet above the ground which is why you get such a great view of the valley. They offer a lot of wedding packages; all you have to do is pick the one that fits your needs. The Stratosphere has two chapels that you can choose from. The first one, which is called Bella Luna Salon, is small and can accommodate maximum 20 people while the second one, which is called Bella Vista Chapel, is bigger and can accommodate about 90 guests. All wedding packages offer you the possibility to have a wedding planner, a florist, wedding music, a photographer and a DVD about your wedding.

  • Tahiti Village Resort

If you want a themed wedding one of the wedding packages in Las Vegas are for Tahiti Village Resort. Here you can organize your wedding using the Tahiti theme. The view is fantastic and you have everything at your disposal. If you come here to get married you can choose between the following wedding packages: Bora Bora, Moorea, The Royal Tahitian and Tahiti Tradition. All the packages include traditional music, traditional decor, the bride’s bouquet and wedding photos. The price for these packages is between 499 $ and 2.300 $. The cheapest package is in Moreea and it costs 499 $.

  • Valley of Fire

If you want to have a wedding outside then you should come to this place. Here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and a desert themed wedding. A wedding package here can cost about 1.100 $.

These are just of few wedding packages in Las Vegas that you can choose from. The resorts are amazing and they will make your wedding look like a fairytale.

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