Here are some solutions we propose to you to avoid all the problems generated by choosing a DJ, questions to ask them, what equipment should use and what to include in the contract when you will sign it.

Choosing a suitable DJ will be one of the most interesting and exciting parts of your wedding. You will have the opportunity to meet people with experience, who are mostly very communicative, pleasant personality and always willing to give you tips to have the most beautiful wedding.

Band or DJ? That’s the question!
Of course, the great debate still stands: DJ or band? This is the hardest decision you have to take it.
As for the band, keep in mind that you should not hire a band you have not heard how it sings and there are many variables in between. A band is playing live, so what happens if the singer is hoarse or if, simply, one of the band members cannot reach the event?

There is a problem: bands need to take breaks. Some are breaks from 25-30 minutes, others from 45-50 minutes. Breaks are needed and you cannot oblige the band to play continuously, because they play live and get tired. Do not always find bands as good as AC / DC or Rolling Stones who can play 6 hours without interruption.
You’ll have fewer problems if you hire a DJ for your wedding, because a majority of them are professionals and know how to make the atmosphere at a wedding. They also do not need breaks and always have more songs than a band can play.

The great advantage of a DJ remains price. A good DJ will always be cheaper than a band and in addition, dynamic will work all night to create an atmosphere that will keep in their feet all the guests. It happens sometimes as a band to leave you a good impression, but when the wedding will not appear at all. Such unpleasant situations are found much less for DJs. Precisely for this reason it is recommended to use contracts!

It is very important that the DJ uses equipment from known manufacturers. Think of the contract as a promise of a quality event. If the DJ refuses to provide the contract, then refuse him too.
Don’t forget to ask about the audio quality, about microphones, what special effects does he use…

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