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Wedding messages

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When you are giving a gift on your wedding a wedding message should be included because that is the proper way to offer it. At the same time the wedding message gives the present a personal touch. Every time a guest offers a present or it wants to write in the wedding couple’s guest book they will have to write a small message proper to the event. There are many possibilities that you can choose from but there are times when you are simply out of ideas which is why we have written some suggestions for you here. These are some wedding messages that you can choose from according to the situation.

Messages congratulating the bride and the groom

  • ´ May your marriage be happy and blessed´
  • ´All the success in the world for your journey of love´
  • ´I wish the bride and groom great happiness´
    • ´ May you both have a lovely life together, as husband and wife´
    • ´ May all your wishes come true´
    • ´May all your wishes, fantasies and dreams come true´
    • ´We hope that your love grows day by day´
    • ´We wish you a home filled with light and hearts filled with joy everyday of your lives´
    • ´ Congratulations on your marriage´

Messages thanking for the wedding favors

  • ´ Thank you so much for your presence and for the spirit that you helped us create on our special day´
  • ´ Thank you for helping us make our dream come true´
  • ´ We thank you for being part of one of our most beautiful memories´

Messages for the thank you cards

  • ´ Thank you for lovely gift, for your presence on our special day and for being a part of our wedding´
  • ´ From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your presence at one of the most important moments in our lives´
  • ´ A huge thank you for making our special day so unique with your presence´
  • ´ On our behalf and on behalf of our families we thank you for being a part of our wedding´
  • ´ Thank you for your presence on our special day and for your generous gift ´

These are some wedding messages that you can use whenever you are at a wedding and you cannot find the perfect words to express your thank you. It is important to let the others know that you are grateful for their support and their presents.


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