Your wedding is coming up and wedding invitations- ideas and trends are here to solve one major problem when organizing a wedding, picking the right wedding invitation. Here we have gathered some great ideas for your wedding invitations which we hope will help you pick the right one.

  • Monograms of the bride and groom and the invitations

Monograms have always been used on wedding invitations. We do not think that this trend will fade away too soon because it is very elegant and timeless. It is knowned that the initials placed side by side represent the union between the two.

  • Simple and chic invitations

When you are choosing an invitation for your wedding the first impulse is to choose color. You can choose color but if you want something chic and simple go with white, it is modern and you cannot go wrong.

  • Use fabric in your invitations

One trend which did not exist up till now is making the envelope for the wedding invitations out of fabric. If you are organizing a wedding in the spring going with a fabric envelope is the ideal choice. To make sure that the invitations do not get ruined when they are mailed place them in a larger envelop.

  • Invitations with handwriting incorporated

A very modern trend is the wedding invitation which is handwritten. An invitation is more elegant if the letters are handwritten. This style of writing is usually used when there is a luxurious wedding.

  • Jewels on invitations

If you like jewels now you can stick them on invitations. This idea is very modern just add some pearls of a couple of gems and your invitations will look amazing.

  • Flowers on your wedding invitations

It is a very good idea to add flowers on you invitations. More and more couples choose to add flowers on their invitation because they are delicate and they are associated with happiness. All you have to do is add a flower design in what color you want or add a floral stamp on it.

These are some wedding invitations ideas and trends that can help you create amazing invitations for your wedding. When making your invitations, make sure that you choose a design that represents you as a couple and at matches the style of the wedding. Go with a modern idea is you are planning on having a modern wedding and you want to stick with the trend.

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