One of the most beautiful decorations are the wedding decorations for winter but in spite of this not many couples choose to have their wedding this time of year. The main reasons why they prefer summer instead of winter are: the low temperatures and the fact that they do not know how to decorate their venue. There are a lot of beautiful winter decorations which you can incorporate in your wedding starting with candles, a fire place and ice sculptures.

  • Linens

When you say winter you think about fresh show and its color, white. What you should do at your wedding is order only pure white linens to give that illusion of fresh snow. To add a little bit of color to your tables add silver or turquoise wedding decorations such as: flowers, candles and branches painted in white and silver.

  • Snow

No winter wedding would be complete without a little bit of snow. Since you can not bring real snow to your venue and fake snow makes a mess you can use tulle and some lights. Scatter the lights which should look like the ones you put in Christmas trees and drape the tulle around the lights. This small trick will give the illusion that you have snow in the room. Before you set up the lights make sure that you get the permission from the owner of the venue for this wedding decorations.

  • Holidays

If you want to make your wedding fun you can incorporate some decorations from your Christmas holidays. The reason I said yours is because there are religious people and non religious people and each of them spend their holidays in a unique way. If you wedding is organized near Christmas you can set up a Christmas tree at your venue. Use the holidays near your wedding date and create something special. It is easy to decorate a winter wedding because you have snow and all the religious and nonreligious holidays.

For those who think that they can come up with wedding decorations for winter they should hire a wedding planner. Because they have such a vast experience in the domain they will come up with numerous solutions for your wedding. Because they work in this field they know a lot of vendors and shops where you can buy wedding decorations and they get find you discounts for numerous things. Just because it is winter does not mean that you can not have a fairytale wedding.

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