For future bride’s wedding cakes: ideas and trends will be of great help to you, a cake should represent your style and the theme of the wedding. Today the wedding has become the center piece of a wedding which means that you can get almost everything you want as far as the design is concerned. When people are going to a wedding they cannot wait to see the cake and taste it, they expect to see a work of art that tastes divine. Here are some ideas and trends on wedding cakes.

  • The classic wedding cake

Back in the days when you said classic wedding cake you meant a cake with flowers and some icing. Those days are over now the cakes have a very simple design and by that we mean: a monogram of the couples initials, some natural flowers and some silver beads.

  • A cake with different shapes

The majority of the time the wedding cake has a round shape but the truth is that there are lots of shapes which you can choose for your wedding cake. Some of the most popular shapes of wedding cakes after the round one are: octagonal, hexagonal and square. This type of cake is perfect for casual and relaxing wedding because they are modern and fun.

  • Yes or not? To the wedding cake pillars

Today more and more couples choose not to have stand or pillars for their wedding cakes. The trend now are cakes which have layers put directly put one on top of the other. The bad side about this type of cake is that you cannot make it too tall of heavy because it will fall. Sometimes if the cake has too many layers and they are too heavy the cake designer adds some pillars which are camouflaged with colored sugar.

  • Colored wedding cake

Cake designers have started a trend a couple of years ago and that is using color on a wedding cake. Now you can have a cake entirely pink, blue or lilac. Actually you can have it in almost any color, you add some colorful flowers and you are good to go. The cake will be in theme with the design of the wedding.

For now these are some wedding cakes: ideas and trends that you can use for you wedding. Brides can now literally get the cake of their dreams, anything is possible.

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