The ceremony and location can be major consumers of the wedding budget. Therefore, find a location that allows you to save a few coins, either at a friend who has a house and yard or in a location that is in nature, if the weather permits.

  • Short the guests list; try to reduce your guest list to only those that you really want to have them close to such an event. Beware of guests ‘of obligation’ or, worse, of guests that parents would like to invite, but who you do not even know. The families with children will be invited only adults; there is no point to load the list with their children. Be clear in invitation for those who are unmarried – they need to understand clearly whether they can or not come accompanied.
  • Choose a simple menu; if the menu is simpler, you will remain with more money in your pocket. Opt for a Swedish buffet for a simple variant, elegant and less expensive. With a decor matched with flowers and fruits you can create a rich and delicious Swedish buffet, while looking elegant and tasteful.
  • Create the decor; save money by creating alone the decoration. Seasonal flowers cut short and arranged in ​​smaller vases, scented candles in the colors of flowers placed on high supports. Try to allocate much of the wedding budget for decoration in arranging the grooms table and the dance floor.
  • Limit alcohol; make an approximately budget of drinks served per person and try to limit to it, instructing waiters well before what, how and how much to serve. Try to limit the appetizer drinks to 2 or 3 type, choose one type of wine. If you want to be inventive, then choose, in a small amount, 3 or 4 types of drinks and prepare immediately appetizer cocktails. The idea would be great and appreciated for sure. But do not skimp the champagne, after all this give the festive tone of the event and must be of the highest quality.

In the end, do not forget that small details create the general picture of any decor: elegance, sophistication and uniqueness. And there you have a wedding at small costs.

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