Every bride should have a list of wedding accessories that they need to purchase after they find the dress of their dreams. Accessories are very important at a wedding because they are the elements that bring everything together, you could not imagine how much difference the perfect earring can make. The standard wedding accessories included in this list are: wedding favors, wine glasses, napkins, jewellery and shoes.

  • The wedding rings are the most important accessories that you are going to purchase. You should keep them in a safe place along with the ring pillow.
  • The veil is as important as the shoes. If you do not have the perfect veil the entire look will get ruined. Keep the veil along with your other clothing items that you are going to use on your wedding day.
  • Shoes should be next on your list. You should put them on your checklist and check them as soon as you buy them.
  • A guest book is an item that you will cherish forever because it will remind you of how beautiful it was on your wedding day. You can find this kind of book at the wedding supply store.
  • Other accessories that you should include on your list are wedding favors: candy, candles or photos. When you order your wedding favors you can personalize them. They are usually placed on each table in front of each guest´s plate so that they can take them home when they want to leave.
  • Next you have to buy the ring pillow, you can get that from a bridal shop. There are numerous designs to choose from. You should keep it in the same place where you keep your wedding rings.
  • Wine glasses are a very important accessory. Usually the bride does not need to worry about them because the wedding planner takes care of this task. But if you do not have a wedding planner you can buy them from a bridal shop or from the place where you get your invitations done.
  • Jewellery should not be left out from your list, you are going to need: earrings, a necklace and other jewellery pieces.
  • Last but not least you should buy the baskets for the flower girl. You will need to buy more than one basket if you have more than one flower girl.

There are the main wedding accessories that you should include in your checklist. You should cross out all elements as soon as you can just to make sure that you did not forget something.

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