Bridal showers should be fun, meaningful and memorable. In order to have a great party, you need brilliant ideas. There are many inspiring ideas for bridal showers, all you have to do is do a little research and get creative.

The sky is the limit when it is about finding ideas for bridal showers. If you are looking for a theme, some party hints can be green, around the clock, alphabet, project runway, kitchen, tea, daisy, Jack and Jill, lingerie, Victorian, beach, around the world, Hollywood, seasons, photos, movies or music. The list can go on forever, as everything can become a bridal party theme.

It is very important for the bridal party to be something meaningful for the bride. Think about what she likes, what her favorite things are and what makes her truly happy.

The bridal shower should be created around the theme. For example, if you decide for a green party, all the components of the party should be related to the idea of eco-friendly environment. Choose a location with large windows so there will be a lot of natural sunlight and send the invitations by e-mail in order to save paper. Make some original potpourri sachets, but also use recycled paper, potted plants, simple decorations, organic chocolate, homemade soaps, as well as packets of organic vegetable seeds or herbs. Do not forget to provide organic food and buy local. Think green when it is about bridal games and give eco prizes such as organic beauty products.

The wedding shower favors should also be coordinated with the theme. Here are some ideas: champagne labeled with the names of the bride and groom, fabric covered boxes, tiny seedling trees, bud vases, potpourri, bracelets, ceramic ornaments, flower seeds, tea, skincare cosmetics, bride and groom magnets, makeup kit, teddy bears and picture frames. It would be nice to personalize them with the initials of the bride and groom or their names and the date of their wedding.

As for fun, games are great icebreakers. When you choose the games, keep in mind that guests should relax and interact easily. Some of the classic games are: spice of life, what the bride says, memory game, mom`s advice, who I am?, happy wishes, roast, word scramble, send a note and finish the proverb.

As you can see, there are many ideas for bridal showers. Find the ones that inspire you and there will be no problem for planning a memorable party!

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