For every bride, the wedding should be unique, regardless of trends that take their place in fashion, from one season to another. Here are three original and unique themes for weddings:

  • Theme one – Rustic wedding: Romance can be taken to a level of excellence in a picturesque setting. The rustic wedding is a traditional wedding in some parts of the world, but much more sophisticated. With a country wedding, you can have the most beautiful experience of your life. For mode of transport, the bridegroom and you can choose a carriage harnessed to horses.

Make sure the weather is favorable – neither too hot nor too cold – and look for a shady spot at the outskirts of the town. Find an open field outskirts of the town and request the city hall approval. Explain to the wedding organizers exactly how you want that location to look like and match all wedding details to that unique location.

The color palette should contain green, pistachios, solar yellow, sallow brown, strawberry red and plum shade.

The eight tiered wedding cake made by Fiona Cairns and her team, awaits the newly weds Prince William and Kate Middleton, in the Picture Gallery of Buckingham Palace in central London on April, 29, 2011. AFP PHOTO / WPA POOL / JOHN STILLWELL
  • Theme two – Medieval wedding: It is indeed a wedding with a legendary perfume. Here is the perfect picture: the bride in a princess-style dress and the bridegroom dressed like the earls of times long gone. The mode of transport should be a carriage pulled by white horses. A room arranged like the interior of a palace, metal glasses, wine in abundance and a royal cake. And do not miss the jester who must have an artistic performance.
  • Theme three – ‘The Belle Époque’ wedding: Imagine a perfect décor made of acacia, ambiental music or a chorus with impressive voices at the religious ceremony. A white wedding dress, short, with fringed in ‘cabaret-style’.

The mode of transport should be a car in the style of the ‘20s. The entertainment should include jazz music, a dance floor like a cabaret scene and glam dancers with impressive hairstyles and clothing. The tables must be with floral arrangements on high stands of glass, decorated inside with flowers and red fruit – pomegranate or passion fruit.

The piece of resistance should be a 5-floor cake on a strain-type support, with chocolate mousse cream with cherries.

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