To have more pair of wedding shoes may seem a little foolish, but today many brides choose to buy two or even three pair of shoes. The shoes must be comfortable, look great and to make the bride feel in seventh heaven, but must also be resistant, it must face at least 24 hours of wear, in different weather conditions.

When it comes to design, it has not undergone radical changes lately, but we can see more the influence of various designers who prefer to bring a personal contribution by adding beads, flowers or various other ornaments. White remains the most wanted color in terms of wedding shoes, but colors like light gray or gold are gaining increasingly more ground. One of the advantages of these colors is that they can be worn after wedding, at parties.

Buying the ideal pair of shoes for the wedding day should not turn into a problem. There are some rules that you need to keep in mind from the very beginning, in this way you can be sure you made the right choice.

Find a pair of shoes in which you feel comfortable. No matter how good they look, if they aren’t comfortable, you cannot wear them with pleasure. To make sure you feel good in your shoes, the most important condition is to try them first. If you decide to buy them online, make sure they are the size you need. Choose shoes with a medium size heel, you will certainly want to have fun with your husband and friends without the shoes to give you headaches.

Consider the material of the shoes. There are many possibilities: leather, velvet, satin, silk or lace. The weeding shoes should reflect your personality, but must also suit very well with the place where the event will take place. Silk shoes can dirty easily if the wedding will take place in a garden, for example, and you’ll be forced to walk through the grass, while the leather ones are not recommended in hot summer days.

Be careful not to buy the shoes without knowing how your dress will look like. The material of the wedding dress and also the small accessories, like pearls, should be taken into consideration when you choose the shoes.

There are plenty of options for wedding shoes – for every season, for each dress, for each personality. Considering all these aspects when you start shopping, you will find the perfect pair of shoes for the most beautiful day of your life.

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