The Belle Époque, the inter-war period fascinates also today hopeless romantic souls. So you could draw your inspiration from that magnificent time to be a vintage bride and at the same time a perfect bride. The bride is the one that is standing in the center of a vintage wedding, so she sets the tone in terms of range of color and designs, and the entire wedding will take elements from her dress to complement it perfectly.

On the big day you must have a diva attitude. Therefore, strident red lips, hair carefully dressed in simple but effective waves and stylish hair accessory should not miss. Women who are dark haired and have cool skin tones should take extra measures. There are many hair color ideas for brunettes that can make you look more romantic and soft. A beige or light ivory vintage dress will highlight you eyes and skin.

The best brunette hair color ideas include chocolate hues, sun kissed highlight around the face and lighter highlights on underneath pieces. In brief, this is how you should look like. Of course, the long dress and the feather or fur cape should not miss. The important thing is not to forget the attitude, because you have to be a diva on the big day.

Vintage shoes should also not miss from your vintage wedding dress. You could recondition a pair of vintage shoes to give a touch of originality, but best would be to opt for shoes of inspiration. You can even count on dance shoes, especially those of Argentine tango, to make sure that you can dance all night without problems.

Wander accessories; renounce the traditional bouquet made of natural flowers and give priority to a bouquet of flowers made ​​using different materials, decorated with pearls, crystals, and even buttons, shells or feathers. A bouquet of jewelry and a hair accessory can be all you need to look great on the big day. Although it seems strange the more you will have fewer accessories the more elegant and eccentric your dress will look.

A particular detail of your vintage dress is the fur coat. Any bride of those times would wear with pleasure a natural fur coat, but if you are an ardent supporter of animal rights you can wear a synthetic fur.

In addition, you can choose an eccentric model that has a collar of feathers. Certainly you will be happy of the photo frames that you will have with such a dress and you will be a vintage bride to envy.

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