Have you ever wondered what significance or history flowers have? Or have you ever taken into consideration these things in a certain context? The wedding day is the most important day in the life of a woman, so you should not miss a detail! Therefore, you should know the significance of the flowers that future brides choose most often in their wedding bouquet: roses, peonies, lavender, lilies and callas.

  • Roses are the most used flowers in wedding bouquets. Whether you choose red ones, to symbolize love, whether you opt for white ones, most brides choose them because of their appearance and inviting smell. However, did you know that there are over 400 species of roses in the world? The rose is by far the oldest and most popular ornamental plant. The origin of the rose is lost before antiquity, somewhere on the border between history and mythology. In addition, it is said that this flower was born from the same white foam of the sea from which also Venus, the goddess of love was born.
  • Peony is a spring flower, delicate and very scented. It is one of the most cultivated flowers, that since ancient times and that’s why many women are opting for a wedding bouquet of peonies. However, the peony has always been linked to some legends. It was said in the past that there are some powerful forces in the peony buds which shine in the nights with full moon. Moreover, seeds of some varieties of peony emit a pale light in the dark.
  • Lavender is a very scented herb and that is why some brides prefer it for the wedding day bouquet. In addition, in the past it was believed that lavender flowers bring happiness for the one who wears them. Nor its curative powers were few – it has been used over time as antiseptic, antibiotic, antidepressant, sedative and detoxifier.
  • Lily is also a very scented herb, very colorful and often used in wedding bouquets. Some experts say it is the oldest flower cultivated by man, dating back at least five millennia, being even older than the rose. As a decorative element, lily appears on cult objects and ornaments representing in antiquity hope, purity and triumph. Along with the rose and laurel, was used at Greeks and Romans to crown the winners’ head. A few millennia later, the lily became the symbol of royalty in France.
  • Calla. Symbol of style and feminine elegance, callas are recognized as the ‘royal flowers ‘. In the West, callas are used in the most important events. Here is the meaning of the calla depending on its color: white calla: purity; yellow calla: pride; pink calla: tenderness; purple calla: perfection, renewal and beauty; burgundy calla: magnificent beauty.

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