One of the main details that you have to take care of when you’re planning a wedding is your wedding gown. You can choose between many styles but you have to match it with several important details from your special event like: the theme and style of your wedding, your personality, style, preference in fashion and weather. If you’re having a wedding in a colder season you should think to add a wedding bolero or wedding bolero jacket to your wedding gown. Don’t be afraid, it will great on you. You will be the elegant bride with wedding bolero.

The wedding bolero is not a bride’s popular choice because most of the weddings are made in the summer because everybody wants to have a sunny day when it comes for their first day of marriage. But no one knows when a cold rain will start falling from the sky. And here comes the wedding bolero or the wedding bolero jacket to rescue from the cold fresh air that it will be after the rain stops.

So you can buy it just in case you will need it, you don’t have to wear it all the time just if it’s getting colder. In fact, you will notice that there are so many types of colors, sizes and fabrics that will please you and will ease your work in finding the perfect wedding bolero for your gowns. You can search on the internet the wedding bolero, but be careful, choose the right one that fits you.

A wedding bolero is a very good choice for mothers of the new weds. But if you are wearing it at the party and so another 2 or 3 persons it will look too peculiar. So, when you’re going to buy the bolero you can choose between 4 different styles that fashions designers created for all the brides in the world.

  • If you want to be the elegant bride with wedding bolero, you can choose the elegant type made of satin with ¾ sleeves and a high collar.
  • Also, you can buy the wedding bolero jacket with full length sleeves, made of chiffon.
  • Another option is the modern version of the wedding bolero with crumpled sleeves and collar made of taffeta.
  • The last but not the least is the butterfly style wedding bolero made of chiffon, with short sleeves.

You can find all these wedding boleros in white or ivory versions and the price from 50 Euro to 70 Euro.

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