The bride and groom cake is a traditional cake that is served at wedding receptions. It can come in different shapes and sizes, and it represents one of the main attractions of the evening.

Although it didn’t have the same importance as it does these days, the bride and groom cake has been present at wedding ceremonies for centuries. Back then it was seen just as a dessert and it came in different shapes, such as pies and bread. Traditionally, the cake was thought to bring good lock to the newlyweds.

Nowadays wedding cakes are used to express some of the bride and groom’s personality. There are couples who want to give the guests an idea about their hobbies and passions by using some unique cake designs. The bride and groom cake must reflect the couple’s fun side and it also have to match the wedding theme. Here is some advice that might help you decide faster regarding this matter:

• For a vintage wedding theme our advice is to incorporate images of old pictures in the cake. Choose them to be black and white, and you can be confident everyone will be impressed with the amazing work of art.
• If you and your fiance are sports fans, ask for a cake design that will express your love for sport. Depending on your preferences, the bride and groom cake’s design can feature a basketball hat, a ping pong table, or a race car.
• You can add a touch of romanticism and opt for a cake that recomposes the scene when your fiancé asked you to marry him. That way you will keep the focus on each other, and you will maintain a lovely atmosphere.
• Many people don’t want to complicate things more, so they choose a cake that has some flower decorations and some chocolate details integrated. If you find yourself in the same situation, try to pay a little more attention to details, and create a cake design that can be introduced into a wedding theme. Black and white weddings are the most easiest to plan, so it won’t take you too much time to think about the cake’s decorations. Our advice is to use white and black Anemones as ornaments because they look very elegant and classy.
• For a Hawaiian wedding theme you can choose a wedding cake that features a beach and some lovely palm trees. Starfish and coconuts could also have a great visual impact, so we recommend you to use them as motifs as well.

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