Writing the Best Man Speech can prove to be a quite challenging task because you have to catch everyone’s attention from the first line and maintain their interest by the last one, not to mention that this moment is eagerly awaited. Therefore, you cannot help but feel the pressure to deliver a perfect speech. If you want to surprise the couple and the guests with your performance, then you have to plan the moment ahead. Think about the structure of your speech and the way to connect with the others. Avoid going off the rails and try not to exceed five-ten minutes because it could become annoying or boring. Moreover, the guests will have the impression that you are self-centered and you are trying to eclipse the bride and the groom. Just be yourself and they will appreciate your interest and effort. That being said, you should know which are the most important things to include in your speech.

Positive thoughts

The main aspect you should keep in mind is that you need to exude a positive attitude through the face and the speech meaning that you have to avoid smiling tensely or including distasteful things in your speech. Just show the happiness you feel for the couple and share your positive thoughts with the rest of the guests. If you want to be spontaneous, go for it. Nothing compares to a genuine moment filled with meaningful words coming from the heart. Inevitably, you will strike a chord and a few tears might sneak into the picture but after all, a wedding represents an emotional event and if nobody cries then something is not right.  

A beautiful story

Being close to the groom, you are probably familiar with the struggle and the hilarious failures of captivating the attention and arousing the love of his bride. Feel free to include the love story of the couple in the Best Man speech because everyone will pay attention to you and you can use this opportunity to bring back wonderful memories. However, keep your statements and disclosures into certain limits because you do not want to bring to surface details that do not need to be said and upset the bride or the groom. In short, you can be personal but maintain an appropriate behavior and attitude. Avoid including monotonous quotes and making bad jokes.

Compliments for the parents

Even though the bride and the groom are in the spotlight, you should not neglect the parents. A special shout out to both the couple’s parents for supporting their loving relationship and helping them get through life will move everyone, not to mention that the parents will feel important and appreciated. While you are at it, thank everybody for participating to the event. Thus, you can end as you started, which is in a positive note. After the speech, you can raise a glass and make a toast for the love that surrounds the wedding. In addition, you can be proud of yourself for doing such a good job.          

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