Vintage style has brought us the aristocratic charm and elegance of past century decades and has made ​​us appreciate more handmade details and the fine embroidery of the elegant dresses. We have remembered the special clothing styles, but especially the importance of the handmade details. So we came to appreciate and to wish an aristocratic wedding dress.

Natural elegance and classic charm; The first step you must follow if you want an aristocratic dress is to make sure that your dress will be worked exclusively by hand. The wedding dress that you will wear must be a unique piece. So, if you want such a dress, call the services of a designer who makes dresses to order.

You must be assured that the piece you will marry in will have specific details embroidered in the vintage-style on its bust and foot. It’s good to establish from the beginning a special model that the embroidery will follow, you do not want a dress with a classic style but one which presents a model worked with stones that looks quite usual or even modern.

Brocade skirts and lace of silk; Use only special materials that help you create a really special dress. A designer will surely suggest you the most appropriate materials, and you do not have to do rebate to quality, these materials are precisely those that will give your dress an aristocratic touch.

Opt for a simple cut that is marked with care with a few special details, small floral applications or precious stones mounted on the waist, especially to mark a wasp waist. In the case of aristocratic dresses a very important detail is the neckline that must be definitely moderate. You can opt for a neckline that includes bare shoulders, or for a veil cape that you can wear over the dress.

In the end, your dress will be truly aristocratic and you will look like an aristocratic bride only if the rest of the elements will be similar and your attitude excellent.

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