There are hundreds of summer wedding decorations that you can choose from because you can use a lot of colors and textures. During the warm season you do not have a restrictions, you can find the most beautiful flowers, you can find a magical venue and wear that ball gown dress that you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. You do not have limits to what you can do at your wedding.

  • Themes

When you start planning a wedding the first thing you have to do is decide on a theme. Because everything revolves around the theme of your wedding it is one of the things that you should decide on so that you can move on to: picking the wedding decorations, the design of the cake and invitations and the style of your dress. There are a lot of theme wedding that you can choose from: you can have a beach wedding or a garden wedding because the weather is very permissive.

  • Colors

Choosing the color for your wedding decorations is as important as the theme. Once you choose the color you can buy bridesmaids dresses, you can pick the flowers for your centrepieces, the makeup, the cake and the table linens. If you want to have a fresh modern look at your wedding you should choose short haircuts and colors like: yellow, purple and pink. For a traditional look choose the combination between black and white, lime green and purple.

  • Flowers

In the summer you have the possibility to choose what kind of flowers you want. Aside from this you will save a lot of money because it is the season when they bloom. Most brides choose roses for their bouquet and the centrepieces but there are other flowers that you can choose from like: lilies, daisies and carnations.

  • Favors

Favors should not miss from your wedding because this is the way you say thank you to your guests for being present at your wedding.  You can give anything from candy to photos of you too and the guest. For example, if you have a beach wedding you can give as a favor a seashell coaster.

Plan ahead what summer wedding decorations you want to include in your wedding because the faster you decide what you want the better. The colors and the theme of the wedding give the tone to everything because the invitations, the wedding dress and the cake will have the same colors.

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