One of the most popular options for a wedding is the spring wedding because it is the most beautiful time of the year. Aside from the fact that the weather is perfect in most parts of the world it is also the most romantic time of the year. What better time  to organize a spring wedding  than in the spring time which in fact celebrates the romance between two people. This can also be the theme of your wedding because you have all the details available to you starting with the flowers, the food not to mention the fact that you can do it outside.

This is the idea time of the year to take advantage of flowers. You have a wide variety of flowers waiting for you which means that even the most pretentious bride can find what she wants. Since it is spring you should choose soft colors such as pink, lilac or soft green. Whatever you do, stay away from dark colors.

Be creative and design the most wonderful invitations for your spring wedding. You can use flower prints for your wedding you can even choose some dots or stripes. Whatever you may choose keep it simple and colorful because it is a happy moment.

As far as the menu is concerned go with fresh and light dishes just like spring. The idea is to take advantage of all the thing this season has to offer. When people are given they champagne at the beginning of the wedding party you can serve them in champagne flutes with a strawberry at the bottom, you can even serve the guest some strawberries you want. The food should consist of fresh vegetables which are available in this time of the year such as baby carrots and asparagus.

The wedding cake is a very important detail. If you are planning a spring wedding it is best that you choose a cake filled with fresh fruit cream. By doing this the cake will be light, fresh and a delight to all your guests. If you do not want a wedding cake you can go with cupcakes with pink frosting or covered in colored fondant. You can make them filed with fresh fruits such as raspberries. Whatever you may choose it should represent you because that is what is the most important thing in that particular day. Spring weddings offer you all you would want from nature: good weather and fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables.

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