Simulated diamonds are artificially-created, laboratory-designed gems that imitate the properties of natural diamonds. Some critics claim that these gems should not be described using the term “diamond” because they have nothing in their composition to suggest any resemblance. Nevertheless, the demand for simulated diamonds is increasing, especially since many organizations try to raise awareness about the illegal and incorrect labor methods used to extract real diamonds.

Simulates are usually made from materials like high-leaded glass and cubic zirconia, which are artificial materials. Another artificial material used for diamond simulants is moissanite, which is among the most popular and preferred simulant nowadays. Many manufacturers claim their gems can actually be perfect and more clear and shiny than natural diamonds; one thing is for sure, they are cheaper, so many women opt for them. Simulated diamonds are a great choice for wedding jewelry. Every bride wishes to feel like a princess on this special day when they unite their lives with their loved one, so a collection of simulated diamond jewelry would look amazing.

Not everyone can afford a full set of earrings, bracelets, necklace and ring from pure diamonds, but that doesn’t have to mean the brides have to give up on the dream of being sparkly and stupendous on the wedding day, thanks to the great range and variety of simulated diamonds available on the market today. You can find any type and model of jewelry you like, and there is even men’s jewelry available. Furthermore, it has become increasingly popular for wedding jewelry designs to use simulated diamonds; they are preferred by both those who can’t afford natural diamonds, as well as by those who don’t want to have to do with the controversial origins that some precious stones have. So if you’re just about to choose your own wedding jewelry designs, give simulated diamonds a thought, and you’ll see they are no different from what nature has created in hundreds of years.

For a material to be considered worthy of becoming a diamond or diamond simulant it has to have certain properties regarding its resistance to pressure and the shine it can achieve when cut and polished. Most diamonds are cut in brilliants, which is a method that aims to bring out the gem’s brilliance and fire. The term brilliance refers to the amount of light that will reflect back and fire to the degree of colorful flashes seen in light. High-quality simulated diamonds contain all these properties, which is why they can sometimes be valued like a natural diamond.

Synthetic diamonds are not only used for pleasure purposes, but they are used in the electronics industry as well, as electrodes. Nevertheless, they are mostly intended for jewelry sets, and some women even commission colorful simulated diamonds for their wedding outfits. Yet the most popular gems remain those that imitate regular, transparent diamonds, and because diamonds are a girl’s best friend, why can’t simulated diamonds be too? It’s positive no one will know they’re not real diamonds, unless you tell them.

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