There are not so many romantic winter wedding ideas for the couples who want to celebrate their union in the cold season because summer is the most popular season for weddings. Not many brides think that they can create that magical day when it is freezing outside but you can. If you have a little bit of imagination you can organize a very beautiful ceremony and reception. When you describe a winter wedding you absolutely must include white and sparkle because these are the elements that will a gray winter day into a fairytale. Here find some winter wedding ideas.

  • Cozy Venue

When you want to be romantic, especially during winter, you look for something cost, a location that gives you that feeling of intimacy and warmth. The most classic venues for winter weddings are: ski lodges, old mansions and country inns. If you want your reception to be extra romantic look for a venue with a fireplace.

  • Candles

Candles should always be present at a romantic winter wedding. They are the ones that give light and give you that warm feeling when outside everything is gray and cold. If you want to include candles in your ceremony fill the room with candles.  Give to each guest a lit candle which they have to hold during the entire ceremony. To stick to the winter theme as far as colors are concerned buy white and silver candles.

  • Winter Fare

On a romantic winter wedding the menu is totally different from the one you might choose in the summer. For example, you can serve your guests hot apple cider or hot chocolate after the ceremony and at the reception you can serve turkey with mashed potatoes and roosted squash at the main course.  Professional wedding planners advice us to reduce the size of the portions during winter because too much food could inhibit guests from dancing.

  • Wear Velvet

When you say velvet your mind automatically think of something soft and romantic. If you are not a traditional bride you can make your wedding dress out of velvet. If you are a traditional dress you can make a cape out of velvet.

As you can see there are not many romantic winter wedding ideas but you can still use the ones that exist and create a magical day. Just because you have decided to get married in winter that does not mean that everything will be sad and gray.

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