They say the wedding dress should be white, because it symbolizes purity, innocence and tenderness. Have you ever thought to wear a colored wedding dress and not a white one? If you answered ‘yes’, it means you are rebel and nonconformist and there are solutions for women like you.

The market of wedding dresses has evolved and today the range of models and colors is varied in such a way that it pleases all tastes. Defeat the tradition and opt for a pastel color (suitable in fall) or non-traditional colors (suitable in spring and summer) as green, dark red or shades of blue. Very popular are pink dresses that give femininity and innocence. Depending of your physical traits, but also of your personality you can choose the dress of your dreams.

A rebel bride must know the significance of colors in wedding dresses. They say white wedding dress signifies pure love and fidelity, while the red wedding dress symbolizes passionate love, marriage full of vitality, romance, energy, but also controversy, fights and stormy reconciliations. Of course, red is the color of passionate and endless love.

The bride dressed in pink signifies happiness, innocence, warm soul, a marriage in which the relationship between the two hides a strong friendship. The bride in blue signifies a rational relationship, a marriage peaceful and profound, beautiful and full of unknown.

The green wedding dress symbolizes a calm marriage that announces wealth, balance and hope, while the orange bride will live a passionate marriage with many ups and downs.  On the other hand, the bride in yellow, a nice marriage, successful, dotted with jealousy, and the bride in purple announces joy, vitality, innovation and nonconformity.

According to superstition, the bride in gray lives a life of hopelessness, depression, and the bride in black, will divorce soon after marriage. However, brides who choose these colors only want to be rebel brides.

In the end, if you like a wedding dress of an immaculate white, and yet you want a little color to cheer the eyes directed towards you, you can use colorful accessories. Jewelry in colors that match the bouquet and a makeup far from being ‘good’ would cheer a lot your look.

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