Everyone dreams for their wedding day to be perfect. Sometimes, big weddings don’t allow the bride and groom to show their personality, and that is why we recommend you to opt for some amazing low key wedding ideas.

Many brides get trapped in the idea of over thinking their weddings. Getting over-involved with your wedding planning might not allow you to see the real importance of your special day. There are couples who fight because they have different opinions regarding certain details that have to do with their wedding day. So, if you get too obsessed with your wedding plans, you expose yourself to the risk of getting stressed and tired of all the activities you need to do.

Every bride and groom should value the true meaning of their wedding day. They should see it as a way to celebrate their love and the trust they give each other. So, we recommend you to avoid big opulent plans, because they will only distract you from the things that most count.

Low key wedding ideas involve choosing a simple location for your special day. A barn wedding can be very beautiful if you know how to value it. If you understand the reason why you and your fiance are standing in front of the aisle, nothing else will matter. Think about all the beautiful pictures you can take in nature, next to a beautiful lake. Our advice is to talk to one of your closest family members and ask him/her to be your photographer. That way you can communicate him/her very easily what are your expectations regarding the wedding photos.

If you want to complement your simple but meaningful wedding, ask for candid shots because they are the ones that can reflect your feelings in an honest and sincere way. Instead of choosing produced staged shots, opt for natural photos instead. That way you can be confident that everyone who will see them will also see the true happiness they reflect. Having a swing installed next to the wedding location is one of the best low key wedding ideas, because it will help your photographer shoot some fun and cheerful photos.

In order to keep the focus on each other, you and your groom should avoid opulent ornaments. We recommend you to choose colorful flowers that can add a touch of romanticism to the event. If you want them to match your barn wedding theme, use crates, jugs and bottles to arrange them. Place them in the right spots and the result will be amazing. Everyone will admire your sense of originality.

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