The task of ordering wedding flowers is not easy for any bride because they are a big part of the wedding decorations. Another reason why this is such an important decision to make is because flowers take a big part of your budget. When you go flower shopping for your wedding the task involves more than picking the bouquets and the centrepieces. First you have to do a little bit of research and decide what kind of flowers you would like at your wedding. Next you have to set a meeting with the florist and see how much the wedding flowers cost, if you have enough money in your budget.

  • Make a special budget for flowers. You should have a maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend.
  • Make a list with all the flowers that you are going to need at your wedding: the bride´s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, boutonnieres for the male wedding party members, flower arrangements for the ceremony and centrepieces for the reception.
  • Go to several florists so that you can decide on the one that you life. If you do not know a florist you can go online or you can ask your friends. It is good if you have friends who have used a certain florists at their wedding because you can go there knowing what to expect.
  • Next you will have to decide if you want natural flowers or if you want artificial ones. Natural wedding flowers are very beautiful but they do not last in time. If you want to save your bouquet form the wedding we recommend buying one made out of silk flowers. The artificial flowers do not look as cheap as they use to look.
  • Decide what kind of flowers you want at your wedding. If you want to stay on budget you should pick flowers that are in season. They are cheap because the florist does not have to order them from another state or country.
  • Confirm your order with the florist and make sure that the date is correct. Make sure that they have the correct delivery address.
  • Be prepared to have at least a part of the money for the order when you sign the contract. Most florists ask their costumers to give some money in advance.

The process of ordering wedding flowers is not simple but enjoyable because you get the chance to smell all the beautiful flowers that are put on display.

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