So, the new trend in 2012 is to show your gratitude to your girlfriends by buying them monogrammed bridesmaid gifts, this is a very special way to say “Thank you for helping me with the wedding planning”. I know that you will plan your wedding from the most important detail to the tinniest, and these types of bridesmaid gifts are the tiny details that will show your care about your friends and your uniqueness in planning your special event.

Don’t worry about the monogrammed bridesmaid gifts because nowadays anything that you buy can and will be monogrammed. So do not be concerned, just creative! And I know that when you will start monogram all kind of bridesmaid gift you will surely want to personalize in this style your wedding invitation, favors or even your wedding cake. Many couples choose to monogram their wedding cake with their initials or even their names, because it’s giving it a romantic touch.

So, when it comes for a bridesmaid gift, don’t worry you can personalize everything that’s made of fabric from t-shirts, bathrobes, bath towels to tote bags and many more, metal, like jewelry boxes or sun glasses supports and plastic like make up kit, spa kit and so on. You can engrave these types of gifts very easy with your bridesmaids’ initials to give their gifts a special and unique touch.

Take a look on the internet and check out the gift supplier stores. You will be amazed how many choices you will receive for a bridesmaid gift. I can assure you that it will be very difficult to decide from these vast options. And some of the stores will offer you the engraving of your gifts for free just because you are buying from them. You just have to think what will please your bridesmaids most. And then, you can start shopping. I’m pretty sure that your ideas will flow.

After you will find out their specific preferences, their styles and personalities you will not be able to stop shopping. So don’t be afraid and have a chat with your girlfriends before you start acting. It will be fun for you all to find out more of each other and when they will receive their gifts your bridesmaids will be pleasantly surprised. Take a chance and leave your creativity and intuition come together and I’m sure that you won’t fail in picking the most beautiful monogrammed bridesmaid gifts for your girlfriends.

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