For future brides who want to get married in March wedding themes are very fun this time of year because you have the possibility to choose between a lot of beautiful flowers and you can have a wonderful reception outdoors. Decide which types of wedding you want to have and after that you can decide what is it that you like about March and use it in as you theme. For example, if you like green you can choose Saint Patrick’s Day as you wedding theme.

Winter Wedding

The best winter weddings are organized at the beginning of March because the weather is perfect, you still have a little bit of winter but at the same time the temperatures are higher and the outdoors looks like wonderland. If you want to decorate your venue with elements from the nature you can spray pine cones in white and silver, you can use fake snow in your bridal bouquet or in your centerpieces. If you do not like the combination of white and silver you can always use turquoise because it is similar to the color of ice. You can add candles to add warmth to the atmosphere.

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

If you like St. Patrick’s Day why not use it as a theme. To make sure that your wedding is not transformed into a party with lepricons and green beer try to take only elements that are Irish: love, luck and celebration. The color schemes specific to the Irish theme are green and white and shades of gold.  For centerpieces you can use potted clovers and for the box where your guests leave you money can be an iron pot with a rainbow leading out of it.

Spring Wedding

One of the most popular March wedding themes is spring.  A spring wedding is all about beginning and the rebirth of nature. It is wonderful to organize a wedding in March because the weather is perfect and you can choose between lots of wonderful flowers. A good idea would be to organize the reception outside, in your back yard.

As you can see there are a lot of March wedding themes that you can choose from you just have to find the ones that suites your personality. It is best not to organize your wedding at the beginning of March because the weather is still unstable, with low temperature and high chances of rain.

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