The person who usually delegated to do the maid of honor duties is the bride´s best friend because she is the one who knows what she wants and how she wants things done. The maid of honor doesn´t only make sure that everything is going according to plan she has to make sure that the bride is calm and happy on her big day. She will be present when the bride is picking out her dress and when she is picking out the model for the wedding invitations. We are going to present to you all the things the maid of honor has to do throughout the entire wedding process.

Being the maid of honor is a job that comes with a lot of responsibilities. She is the ones who helps the bride with everything from picking out the wedding dress to looking for a location for the reception. In most cases the groom chooses not to get involved in the planning process which is why the maid of honor has to do so many things.

Before the wedding one of the maid of honor duties is to make sure that the wedding dress and the dresses for bridesmaids are ordered and that all the fittings are done in time. She is also responsible for planning the bachelor and bachelorette party and making sure that the friends of the bride and the groom are invited. During the bridals shower the maid of honor has to keep are register of the gifts so that she can know to whom she has to send thank you notes the following days.

The duties of the maid of honor on the day of the wedding are to keep the bride calm and make sure that everything is going according to plan. On this day she is the messenger between the bride and all the other people present at the wedding. She will make sure that everything is solved so that the bride can stay calm and enjoy her big day. During the ceremony she will arrange the bride´s train and hold her bouquet.

During the reception the maid of honor will have the job of greeting all the guests and leading them to their seats. She will also keep an eye of the table where the gifts are just to make sure that they are safe. The maid of honor will help the bride communicate with the DJ, the photographer and the waiters.
These are some of the maid of honor duties which come with the title. You are the person who helps the bride from the beginning of the wedding to the end.

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