Wedding candles the same as the floral arrangements and other decorations must bear the stamp of the chosen wedding style. Most agencies specialized in wedding decorations are offering candles decorated with different flowers. Here are six ideas of beautiful candles that you can have in your wedding. And if you do not keep them too much time on, you could use them later, at your first child baptism.

  • Candles with mini-roses. Bouquets rich in roses are covering the entire candle, like ivy. White, pink or orange, the bouquets of roses adorn the candle, giving it a touch of celebration. The bouquet of white roses symbolizes best the ceremony, but also the sacredness of that moment.
  • Candles with orchids. Known for their beauty and elegance, orchids attached to the wedding candles can make a good impression. Orchid is considered the symbol of perfect beauty due to the symmetry of flowers and leaves from the strain. It is a perfect flower for a perfect wedding.
  • ‘Bride-style’ candles. These candles reproduce the figure of the bride: supple, with the flower bouquet ‘in hand’, and the white wedding dress, represented by the canvas that holds the bouquet. These are suitable not only for the civil wedding, but can be used at the party, especially if it takes place in the open.
  • Candles with carnations. The flower bouquets that decorate the candles are made up mainly of white carnations. They combine very well with other flowers, even if they are not known for their beauty. If there is a smaller budget allocated in wedding decorations, you could make yourself the bouquet for the candles, using more carnations of different colors, some irises, and some roses.
  • Rustic bouquet candles. These are original rustic candles. The bouquet is made of many wild flowers, but has here and there also red roses or irises. The flowers cover almost the entire surface of the candle and give more the impression of decorative objects. These candles are very suitable, especially for fall weddings.
  • Testimonials candles. Put some small candles on the festive tables. You can order candles that have your names on. You can put one candle next to each guest and at the end remind the guests to take them home. It’s a beautiful object, it can be even useful, and especially is an original proof of participation in your wedding that the guests can have in their homes.

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