In matter of the wedding bouquets, the range of options is much wider when it comes to a summer wedding. You can make unique combinations to give a simple shape, romantic, or exotic. You just need a little ingenuity and creativity to make a wedding bouquet to your liking.

Depending on the chosen flowers, the bouquets can have different styles. From bouquets of small and white flowers, to bouquets of big flowers, exotic, red or yellow or bouquets made ​​from shells. Here are some ideas for flower bouquets for your summer wedding.

White wedding bouquet.  A bouquet of white, traditional, simple flowers is what most brides prefer. Besides that this color symbolizes purity and freshness, a bouquet of white flowers can be the sign of elegance and charm. White roses, white lilies or even gardenias can be very appropriate choices for your bouquet of white flowers. Do not forget to bind them with a white satin ribbon!

‘Romantic’ wedding bouquet.  The ‘pink spot’ in a totally white décor will attract many eyes. Pink is the symbol of love and romance, and a very appropriate way to highlight this symbol is to choose pink roses. For a unique impression and a charming effect, you can add a few threads of white lilac.

Exotic wedding bouquet. When we say ‘exotic flowers’ we automatically think at ‘colorful flowers’: yellow, red, orange, these are the colors that can color your dress. Find gerbera, orchids and even wild chrysanthemums, which by their combination can form a beautiful wedding bouquet. Summer is the best season to add an exotic touch to your wedding.

Rustic wedding bouquet. A bouquet of wild flowers: sunflowers, daisies, garden roses, dahlias and other wild flowers are perhaps the best combination for a wedding bouquet. To complete the symbolism of your wedding dress color, wild flowers suggest childlike energy, innocence and pure beauty. You could add some orchids to complete the rainbow of colors. Of course you can play with other simple wild flowers or you can choose the beautiful gerbera – if they are yellow they are rustic and effective. You can do amazing combinations with the sunflower and if you want to be nonconformist, you can even add dandelions.

Nonconformist wedding bouquet.  A bouquet of shells will be harder to make it by yourself.  You could collect the shells along with your future husband and then bring them to a professional. If you want the bouquet to contain also pearls, you can search to buy or to rent it. Perhaps you will pay a little more, but it is something new and very suitable, especially if your wedding will take place on the beach.

Nonconformist bouquets must present special textures, unusual, that are not often found in the design of a classic wedding bouquet. If you do not add shells or pearls, you can opt for stones, beads and why not fruit, colors or special forms. You have endless possibilities for your wedding bouquet starting with these few ideas as an example.

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