When you are planning a wedding you need some ideas for selecting your wedding decor colors because a lot of decisions depend on that color. No matter if you want a theme wedding or a simple wedding you still have to pick a wedding décor color that will go on the invitations, on your wedding decorations and maybe on your bouquet. It does not matter what color you choose at the end just as long as the wedding decor colors palette goes with all the elements in your wedding. At first it may seem very hard to pick the right colors that will go with your idea but it is not, all you need is some planning and some inspiration and everything will fall into place.

The first thing you have to do is pick your favorite wedding décor color and your soon the be husband’s favorite color and go from there. If you do not have a favorite color or it is hard for you to decide on one you can go online for inspiration. There are sites which tell you what the trends are for weddings and colors. To make sure that you are up to date subscribe to some of them and you will receive constant information about what is in.

If you have found a color the next step is to find the shades or other colors that go with it. You can use the color wheel that you used in school back when you were learning colors. It is very helpful because this way you will see what goes with your color of choice and what is the opposite. Another idea is to use color palettes they help you with the shades. If you have chosen for instance blue you can choose anything from baby blue to dark blue.

To get more inspiration for your wedding décor colors just look at the fashion and interior design magazines. Flip through one of these magazines and you will surely find the colors that best fit your personality and that of your partner.

For more ides for selecting your wedding decor colors go online, the internet is the richest source of information. Search for sites about interior designs to get some inspiration for your wedding decorations. It is not so hard to pick the colors for your wedding decorations but you do have to make sure that the ones you choose make your wedding look perfect.

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