It is the duty of the maid of honor to figure out how to play fun bridal shower games at the party because it is a tradition. Every time somebody has a shower the organizer must include some fun games to prevent the guests from becoming bored. If you have to plan a shower and you do not know any fun games we are here to help you. Here are some bridal shower games that you can include in your party:

  • A very fun game that you can include in your bridal shower is the nylons and orange game. What you have to do is create a starting line and a finish line. Next take a pair of nylon stockings and place an orange at the end of one foot. Tie the stockings of the waist of each contestant making sure that the part with the orange is touching the ground. Once you have finished doing all of these things it is time to play. Each contestant has to use its waist in order to swing the orange to the finish line. This is truly one of the most funny bridal shower games.
  • Take a couple of rolls of toilet paper and starts making wedding dresses out of it. Make teams of two or three girls and choose a wedding dress style. Each team has to create their wedding dress between 5 to 10 minutes. The bride has to choose the best wedding dress made out of toilet paper.
  • Another fun game which you can play at the bridals shower is the one in which you have to ask the bride questions about the groom. With this game the bride finds out how much she knows about her groom. What you have to do is ask the groom 20 questions then ask the bride the same questions. The two have to have the same answers. If the bride does not answer correctly to a question she has to chew a piece of gum. It may not seem fun at first but it really is, especially when the bride can answer the questions and he has a mouth full of gum.

This is how to play fun bridal shower games if you want your guests to have fun and have wonderful memories. As you can see you do not need a lot of things in order to make a fun game for the bridals shower.

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