Whether you’re planning two glorious weeks in the Maldives or a long weekend of glamping, your honeymoon is traditionally the most romantic break of your life. Here’s how to make sure that yours runs smoothly.

Pick the right destination: Okay, so ‘everybody who’s everybody’ may be honeymooning in the Maldives – but will a tropical break suit your tastes and interests? Not everybody enjoys lounging around on the beach, and it’s more important that the trip is right for you than that it fits the traditional romantic criteria. Put some time aside to draw up and discuss a list of possible destinations, and make sure you listen to what the other has to say. Take into account budget, the time both of you can take off work and what in your minds constitutes the holiday of a lifetime. Consider what the weather will be like in each of your destinations at the time of year you’ll be travelling. Then narrow down the destinations until you have one that meets every requirement.

Get it booked early: Most couples get hitched during popular travel periods such as July, August and Christmas, so if you want to take advantage of the best deals then it’s crucial to book early. Leaving it until the last minute could result in you having to compromise on destination or the length of your trip.

Get your documents in order: Boring, yes, but you don’t want to turn up to the airport with an out-of-date passport and end up missing your flight. Make sure both your passports are valid and that you’ve applied for a visa if the country you’re visiting requires one. A common problem experienced by honeymooners is change-of-name, so if you’ll be changing your name to match your spouse’s then ensure that all your documents are in the same name.

Pack in advance: You don’t want to spend the afternoon after your wedding hurriedly squashing your things into suitcases. Eliminate the stress of honeymooning packing by making your packing list and doing your holiday shopping well in advance. If you’re planning a tropical break during the British winter and are having problems finding swimsuits then don’t panic – you should be able to find what you want online. Check out Next for a great selection of swimsuits. If you’re super organised, you could even by your summer clothes and swimsuits the previous season.

Geri red rauched swimsuit from Next

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