When you are organizing a wedding on a budget it would be a great idea to learn how to make a wedding cake on your own because professional wedding cakes are expensive. By doing this you will be saving a lot of money which you can use on other stuff like decorations. Here we are going to give you some instructions on how to make a wedding cake on your own.

  • Take the cake mix and make the amount of batter that you think will be enough to make all the layers of your cake. You should make a couple more layers just in case something happens.
  • Take the layers out of the oven and let them cool. You should make them the day before you want to ice it.
  • Place some wax paper on the base of your cake just to make sure that it remains clean. Place the first layer of cake over the waxed paper and start icing.
  • When you do the icing try to cover it layer with the same amount of cream. When you apply the icing you should use a pastry knife because it will help you get that smooth layer that you want.
  • Don’t rush. Let each layer settle before you add the next one. This way you will be sure that the cake will not crumble.
  • Once you have finishes the layering you should have a cake support. If you do not have one you can rent on from a bakery. On your wedding day assemble the cake on the support. It is best that you do the layering separately when you ice them just so you can put them in the refrigerator. You can make the top, the bottom and the middle section separate.
  • If you want your cake to look flawless you can fix all the imperfections with the help of decorations. You can decorate the cake with chocolate flowers or white ones.
  • If you do not want to be stresses a couple of days before the wedding you should test a couple of cake mixes to see which one you like and it would be a really good idea to freeze the layers and take the out when you want to ice and decorate them.

If you like cooking learning how to make a wedding cake on your own will not be so hard and we are sure that you cake will look amazing.

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