There are few people who know to host a home wedding reception on their own because the space is limited and you have to be creative to blend your style with the style of the house. Home weddings are often a good idea because they are intimate and personal. It does take some time to prepare a house for a reception but in the end it will look like a fairytale. Here we have for you some tips which will help you organize a home wedding reception without problems.

  • When you organize a home wedding reception keep everything simple. The linens that you choose should be white to be in contrast with the colors you are going to use on your decorations. Because the venue is small you do not want to crowd it with a lot of colors.
  • As far as decorations are concerned you should use only flowers. You can find at the flower shops pillars and large urns which you can fill with beautiful flowers. Use simple centerpieces and bouquets.
  • Drape your entire home with silk in your color scheme. All your walls should be draped with yards of this material, this will give you that elegant look that you want to achieve.
  • Scatter candles around your house, they should be in different shapes and sizes. They will make you home wedding reception more intimate and cost. Make sure that you have the candles set only in secure places, you do not want to start a fire on your wedding day.
  • Choose a spot where you can set the tables for food, it should be an area that many people can access at a time but does not have a high traffic. If you are doing all the cooking you should select food that you can serve at room temperature.
  • Since you are going to have so many guest at you house you will have to go and buy plates, silverware and glasses. If you have enough then use those but make sure that they are all in perfect shape and that they are made out of china and crystal.
  • Serve the wedding cake on a small table covered with white linens. If you want you can add colored fabrics on top of the white ones.

Now that you know how to host a home wedding reception we hope that you will manage to pull it off without problems.

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