After all that hard work in picking out the perfect flowers for you bouquets you should learn how to dry wedding flowers bouquets so that you can have it forever. Along with your wedding dress you can add the flower bouquet and create an amazing memento of your perfect day. In order to prevent your flowers from getting damaged you should ask your family or a friend to take care of your flowers after the wedding. One way to preserve your wedding flower bouquets is to dry it with oolitic sand.

• The first step you have to take when you want to dry your flowers is to take a plastic box and place the oolitic sand along with some silica gel on the bottom. Make sure that you remove all the lumps from the sand and gel before you add the flowers. You can buy the sand and the gel from any store.
• Cut the stems of the flowers as close to the bloom as you can. Do not get scared because the flowers will look great once you add some artificial stems to the blooms.
• Take each bloom and place it in the nob with its face down. Cover each bloom with the mixture; all of them should the covered entirely with it. If a box is not enough take as many boxes as you need to dry all the flowers.
• Dry the flowers using a microwave or by placing them in a dark place. If you want to dry them using a microwave take the box and place it in without the lid on. Set the timer at three minutes and low temperature. Depending on the type of flower you will need to set the temperature high or low. For example, roses need high temperature in order to dry whereas daisies need a lower temperature.
• To make sure that you do not destroy they check from time to time the microwave to see if they are dry.
• Take the box out once the flowers are dried and store them in a dark and cool place. Leave them there between four to six weeks.
• After this period of time take the flowers out of the box and spray them with a clear silicone. You can find it in any store.

And that is how to dry wedding flower bouquets as you can see it is not so easy but it is worth it.

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