Panicking about what to wear for a wedding this summer? Wondering whether to opt for uber-formal or stylishly relaxed? Well don’t worry – we’ve got the definitive guide to looking and feeling elegant, whatever the occasion.

Keep it comfortable: Comfort is the last thing on most people’s minds when planning their wedding wear, but on the day it can become a real issue. Wearing a dress that’s too hot in the summer, failing to equip yourself with a jacket for when the temperature drops or investing in new shoes that give you blisters are all easy mistakes to make – so don’t fall into this trap. You want to look stylish, yes, but not at the expense of being comfortable. Stilettos are a no-no – stick with small heels or a gorgeous pair of black wedge shoes from Next instead.

Black suede curved wedge court shoes

Read the invitation: Many wedding invitations will specify a dress code for guests. This can range from white tie (a long gown for women and a tux with tails for men) to casual (light suits with shoes and mid-length dresses with kitten heels or black wedge shoes, but still most definitely no trainers). If there are no instructions on the invitation and you’re nervous about appearing out of place, don’t be afraid to ask. The parents of the bride are usually the first port of call for questions like this.

A nod to tradition: There are a number of age-old sartorial rules that still apply to most weddings, and unless you’re attending a distinctly unusual or themed bash they’ll apply to you too. The first, of course, is never to upstage the bride. This means not wearing white, cream, or anything that might resemble a wedding dress. Only if you’re Pippa Middleton will you get away with this kind of behaviour. Secondly, try not to flash too much flesh. That thigh-skimming mini might have looked great in the bar last night, but it almost certainly won’t be appropriate for a wedding. And finally, if in doubt, opt for formal over frivolous. Trainers, jeans, sweaters and short dresses are out – suits, linen and discreet heels or black wedge shoes (or brogues if you’re a man) are in.  You can find more tips on etiquette for wedding guests here.

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