Perfect wedding is not only beautiful it is also very personal and unique. All those little items which are carefully chosen are special and memorable for both you and the guests …

Here are some simple and subtle ideas for the ceremony and party:

Testimonials from the heart

Write your own testimony. They should not sound as a poem, it is important that are your thoughts and they come from all your heart. Print them on quality paper and see how appreciated you will be by the guests.

Soul Music

Gather the most popular songs on a compilation and put them on a CD whose cover should be a picture of you two. CDs can be printed easily at home with your own computer or ask someone reliable to do it for you. It will be a great effect. On the back cover, write why you chose those songs because, of course, everyone has a story to tell about you two.

Tips from guests

Guests often have free moments as they are sitting at the table. Leave them at their hand on the table, some pens and paper in a beautiful basket. Ask them to write their thoughts, their wishes or theirs family life advices that you are diving in. Later, those thoughts can be compiled into a family album that reminds you of the most beautiful day of your life.

Video memories

The main characters of a wedding are the bride and groom. This is very natural. However, give to your guests a chance to be something more than simple witnesses to this event. Arrange them a shot cabin somewhere in the reception hall, who wants, can record a message for the bride and groom. Footage can be installed later and sent to all those who wanted to congratulate you in this version.

Oscar Wedding

Give yourself an Oscar note to your wedding. Here’s how: red carpet entrance and a camera to transmit “live” guests’ arrival. Those who are already inside can watch the “stars” on two plasma TVs subtly installed in the dining room. It is very effective.


If you are coming from families of different ethnic groups, insert in the wedding ceremony traditional specific elements to each race. The guests from both sides will be flattered by this gesture, and parents will be really happy to see so much harmony between you two.

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