Knowing how to create a wedding planning timeline could be very useful for future brides. There are a lot of things that need to be done months before the wedding which is why each bride should make a list of tasks. To make your job easier order them by date this way you are always going to know when you need to do something. If you want to reduce the stress that comes with planning a wedding you need to make lists and stick to them, in other words be organized. Here we are going to show you how to create a wedding planning timeline:

  • The first step in creating a wedding plan is writing down all the things that you think you are going to need on your wedding. To make sure that you do not forget something go online and compare your list with the general wedding lists.
  • Make a sign on your calendar on the date when you are going to get married. Then mark the present and count how many weeks you have before the big day.
  • Open a word sheet on your computer and create a table with invisible lines, five columns and at least twenty rows. Set the sheet to landscape mode so that you can see the table horizontally.
  • For the first two months of your wedding planning timeline create a heading every month. As the wedding approaches create a heading once every two weeks. As you approach the date color it in a bright color so that it stands out.
  • Fill each heading with information like: ordering the cake, buying the dress. You should do this at least three months before the wedding. To get an example on how thing need to be done go online and read the timelines available on wedding planning websites.
  • Once you have finished writing down everything that you will need for you big day print all the pages and secure them all in one place. To make sure that you do not forget about the list place it on a wall or in an area where you look often.

When you know how to create a wedding planning timeline your job as a future bride becomes easier. With this list you never forget to do something and you always know how many weeks you have until your wedding day which is amazing when you do not want to hire a wedding planner.

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