Your wedding can get a touch of originality with unique bouquets for the bridesmaids.

Even if they are “only” bridesmaids, they should not be dimmed, be placed somewhere in the background as simple decoration. They are the ones that can and should guide the wedding, to make the atmosphere and at the same time, they are the ones who will get the bride’s bouquet, when, according to tradition, it is discarded.

You can resort to carry unique bouquets. For more convenience, instead of being held in hands, bouquets can be placed in baskets, buckets or purse and will be worn by one person. Those who choose the sports wedding theme or wedding on a motorcycle may catch bouquets in long leather ties, bringing, thus, a touch of originality in the theme including the wedding flowers the association of a look “sporty” tenderness flowers. Bridesmaid bouquet worn on the arm, also gives the uniqueness of the moment rather than a round bouquet typically.

While a bouquet of red roses, orange, purple or yellow can look splendid, imagine how it would look like if, instead of roses, exotic flowers you can use! Can you imagine showing a bridesmaid bouquet made of any of these exotic flowers? Use:
– Plumeria, Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, Alstroemeria, bells of Ireland or Heliconia

For more variety, you may choose to enrich the color palette of the wedding, as each bouquet to be made from different flowers. Likewise, the possibility that each bridesmaid has the same bunch of flowers but in a different arrangement: oval, round, or crescent-shaped heart. Or, you can use similar colors and shapes but different flowers for each bouquet.

Currently, the option for wedding bouquets of flowers no longer limited to silk or fresh flowers. There is a variety of flowers from which to choose. Flowers can be made of feathers, beads, porcelain, paper and even wood. Flowers made of such material can become beautiful gifts for bridesmaids.

Your creativity can be put very strongly in evidence by choosing bridesmaids bouquets made of beads. They also can be made of stems (even wire) which wear at the top beads and for an elegant look, you can opt for pearls. Whole bunch, including flowers and greenery can be made of colored beads.

Manufacturing bouquets of paper can save money and, especially, can highlight the ingenuity of the bride, her spirit of inventiveness and originality. And if you understand a little bit of origami, you can impress your wedding guests with your creations!

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