Not many people know how to calculate a wedding budget which is one of the reasons why they hire a wedding planner. Organizing a wedding can be very expensive if you are not organized and if you do not learn to compromise. It is very important to decide on a budget for this big day and stick with it. Also you will no longer be surprised when the bills start to arrive.

Here is how to calculate a wedding budget:

  • Take all the elements in your wedding and divide them into categories like: bride, venue, food, cake transportation, entertainment and bridesmaids.
  • Next do a little brainstorm with your fiancé and think of all the things that you might need at your wedding. You can divide it in ceremony and reception. Under each category write down all the things that need to be taken care of.
  • If you have friends who just got married ask them to help you with your budget. They are the perfect source of information because you can learn from their mistakes and because they can tell you how much their wedding cost.
  • Go online and enter one of these sites or They will help you create and calculate a budget.
  • Enter all the information you gathered for your wedding in the online template. The program will calculate your budget thus giving you an idea on how much the wedding is going to cost.
  • Do not get comfortable with the idea that what you have calculated here is surely the price of your wedding, this is only an estimated sum. It is very important to realise that unexpected thing can happen and you might end up paying extra for the cake or the wedding dress.
  • It is very important to start with a small budget from the beginning because this way you will not get overwhelmed of all the bills that will start piling up. Stick to the budget as much as you can and be organized because this is the only way you are going to be able to pull this off.

This is how to calculate a wedding budget without the help of a wedding planner. It is not do hard but you may encounter problems when creating the list because you do not have a lot of experience with weddings and you might forget something to add. To help you with this problem wedding planning websites have created standard lists for wedding which you can customize to fill your needs.

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