If you have an engaged friend and you do not have money this is how to begin planning a bridal shower on a budget. Every time you her that one of your best friends is getting marries you immediately start thinking of a bridal shower because this is your responsibility as a friend. If you do not have a lot of money there are tricks that you can use when you are organizing the party. In order to save money and time you should plan ahead what you have to buy and do. Here are our tips on how to begin planning a bridal shower on a budget.

• To cut back on the costs of the bridals shower you should find people who can help your organize it. For example, if the bride is a friend with whom you go to church you should ask the ladies from the church to help you. This way you split the costs, everybody comes with something you need for the party.
• Start planning the bridal shower about five weeks in advance. This way you will have time to make a list of all the things that you need and catch sales. You can get the things you need on sale if you buy them in advance.
• Make use of or your talents when you start planning a bridals shower on a budget. If you are great with computer you can make the invitations yourself. It is easy to design them if you use special software, and you can even personalize them by adding relationship quotes that you and your girlfriends love from books or movies. Invitations with quotes from www.onrelationship.com make for great memorabilia of the bridal shower, and you can even choose a different one for each girl, based on her preferences and personality.In order to save money you can ask each person that you asked to help you to bring a dish that would suite the party instead of hiring caterers. You see what you can do on your own before you go shopping.
• Since the bridals shower is being organized on a budget you should think about having it in someone’s house or in a location where the rent is small.
• For the decorating part you should make a list of all the things you need and divide the cost to the number of friends who are helping you.

If you know how to begin planning a bridal shower on a budget you will have a wonderful end result, you will make your friend happy and save some money at the same time. Do not be shy to ask for help because this is the only way you can cut back a big part of your costs for the bridal shower.

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