For those who do not want to spend a lot of money on their wedding a home wedding ceremony could be the best alternative. Planning a wedding can be expensive and in today’s economy for some that means very expensive. To save money and still have a wonderful reception organize it at home in your back yard. If you like you can organize the ceremony inside and the reception outside where you have more room. It might seem hard to organize a wedding at home but with our tips and tricks it does not have to be. Here we are going to give you some advice on how to organize the wedding ceremony of your dreams at home:

  • From the beginning decide which part of the wedding is going to be inside and which outside. If you do not have enough space inside or you have a small backyard you can choose between having an indoors wedding or an outdoors wedding.
  • Before you start writing down your guest list get an idea on how many people you can invite. You will be overwhelmed on your wedding day if you invite people and you do not have enough tables. Once you have made an estimate on how many people will fit in your back yard or indoors you can start writing your guest list.
  • Next you have to decide the length of your wedding ceremony. If you do not have space for chairs we advise you to make it short and sweet. By doing so all your guest are going to be able to present at you ceremony. You can rent a couple of chairs for people who have health problems.
  • Because you are very limited in terms of space we advise you to hire a wedding planner. It is very important not to do this on your own because you do not have enough experience to pull it off. A wedding planner has dealt with different types of wedding and he knows how to organize everything so that you do not have to worry on your special day.
  • Parking is a very important issue that you need to solve. All the cars that are going to come to your house are not going to fit in front of your house. What you need to do is talk to your neighbors and try to make some arrangements so that they can park in front of their houses.

Finding a place for everything is crucial in a home wedding ceremony because you are limited as far as space in concerned. Make sure that you reorganize your house before you start bringing stuff in.

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