What would be a wedding without the highly expected wedding cake? Everybody wants to see and taste it, so choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. There are many wedding cakes ideas for you to take into consideration so that your big day be perfect.

Your wedding cake should reflect yourself as a couple, your personalities. The entire wedding day is a celebration of your love and so is the cake – a sweet start for your life together. Tradition says that the newlyweds cutting the cake together signifies unity, so it stands for a mutual commitment and a special promise.

There are infinite wedding cakes ideas, so the final decision can be difficult to take if you do not know from the start what you want. From size, shape and design to color and flavor, every aspect should be carefully agreed upon.

The wedding cake must be delicious. When it is about flavor, most wedding desserts include chocolate cake, sponge cake, fruit cake and cream cake. There are also many other flavors to consider such as vanilla, orange, lemon, dark chocolate, blackberry, mocha, coconut, hazelnut praline, rum, apricot, strawberry, tiramisu, marzipan, cappuccino or almond. Feel free to combine different flavors, but remember to ask for a professional advice too.

Color is another important aspect. Generally, the wedding cake should match the wedding colors. For example if your wedding flowers are purple, add some purple touch to your cake. The next concern is the size of the cake, but the basic rule is to be enough for all your guests.

Design is crucial, so make sure you take your time to decide. The best option is to look at different pictures of wedding cakes and collect some inspiring ideas for your own. You can draw some sketches and show them to your baker in order to give him your vision of the wedding cake.

You can have your cake decorated in various ways. You can use silk, real flowers, icing, chocolate or sugar paste. Design should also be connected with the theme of the wedding. For example, if your wedding theme is the sea you can surprise your guest with a cake decorated with shells.

There are many wedding cakes ideas, but the most important is to choose the one that suits you best. If you let your imagination free, creativity and originality will help you find the perfect wedding cake.

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