Colorful floral arrangements create an elegant and lively decor at a wedding. Long tables arranged in U-shape allow a beautiful combination of the decor colors. Flowers placed in the center of the decorated wedding tables offer a touch of freshness and cheerfulness, always complementing any decor you will choose for the big event.

Use the chocolate brown colors which lie on the center of the table. The rest of colors must be in a matching pastel combination. Match the colors and shapes of flowers with the general tone of the decor to create an elegant whole. Use pale pink for floral arrangements of peonies, and green for menus, elegant folded in napkins on each plate.

Strong colors can be interesting and deserve to be experienced; orange, bright pink and acid green are trendy colors in summer. Focus on important places to place the floral arrangements. First cover the most important areas – the table where the bride and the bridegroom will sit and outside of the dance floor, which will be the background for the wedding pictures. Think at the floral decorations before choosing your wedding location. If you can choose a decor rich in verdure, the budget for the floral decoration will be lower.

The flowers are found throughout the year, different varieties every season. The price difference between seasonal flowers and off-season flowers is not very high. But you will get a spectacular result if you select flowers from that season (for example, choose tulips in spring, and not in summer). Wild roses of garden, besides that they have a strong scented smell, fit perfectly with an evening wedding in summer. And because their stem is not often right, you can simply put them in a vase.

A new trend is to use different flowers for each of the bridesmaids’ bouquets, but without attracting attention from the bride’s bouquet. Remember that any floral arrangement is built very simple: choose assorted flower, arrange them in your hand, then cut the stems at the same length and place them in vases.

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